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Annual Highway Congestion Cost


The urban areas included are those containing over 500,000 people and several smaller places mostly chosen by previous sponsors of the Texas Transportation Institute study on mobility. Population group is based on 2014 population.

The cost of congestion is estimated with a value for each hour of travel time and each gallon of fuel.  For a more detailed explanation of the formulas used, see the source document.


KEY:  NA = not applicable; R = revised.

Very large urban areas - 3 million and over population.

Large urban areas - 1 million to less than 3 million population.

Medium urban areas - 500,000 to less than 1 million population.

Small urban areas - less than 500,000 population.


Texas Transportation Institute, Congestion Data for Your City, Excel spreadsheet of the base statistics for the 101 urban areas and population group summary statistics (College Station, TX: 2015), available at as of Nov. 19, 2015.

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