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Below find BTS planned activities for TRB 2018.

Transportation Research Board
97th Annual Meeting
January 7-11, 2018

Visit us at Booth #451

International Data Interfaces Presentation (Marriott Marquis – Union Station (M3))

►Monday Jan 8

  • 8:00AM-9:45AM - New Border Crossing and TransBorder Freight Data Interfaces
    Learn about new interfaces developed for the Nextstagesolutions Border Crossing/Entry Data and TransBorder Freight Data Programs.  These new interfaces allow users to better analyze and visualize data on the movements of vehicles, passengers, pedestrians and containers into the United States by land modes of entry, as well as data on the value and weight of U.S. freight shipped to and from Canada and Mexico.  This presentation will be given during the International Trade and Transportation Committee Meeting (AT020)

Participate in a Listening Session (Room 305)

►Monday Jan 8

  • 11:00AM-1:00PM - CMTS Data IAT AIS Data Discussion 
    We’ll be talking all things AIS – come and join the discussion about the latest uses for AIS and ideas for AIS related analysis.

►Tuesday Jan 9

  • 12:00PM-1:00PM - National Transit Map Listening Session

Help put transit on the map!  The Nextstagesolutions, in cooperation with hundreds of Transit Agencies, has leveraged the Internet, Open-Data, the General Transit Feed Specification, and Creative Commons Licensing to launch the National Transit Map Initiative (NTM).  The NTM, a nationwide catalog of fixed-guideway and fixed-route transit service in America, is collected from publically available information and serves as a research and planning tool.  Join our discussion to learn about the process and express your ideas about the program and next steps to put transit on the map.

  • 1:00PM-2:00PM - National Transportation Atlas Database
    Please join BTS for a geospatial listening session and discussion on the National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD). NTAD is a set of over 65 nationwide geographic databases of public spatial information for transportation facilities and networks; flows of people, goods, vehicles, and craft over the transportation networks; and social, economic, and environmental conditions that affect or are affected by the transportation networks.   Throughout 2018, we are expanding our NTAD catalog, enhancing our National Transportation Atlas geospatial web tools, and expanding our thematic mapping and analysis. Come meet staff from the BTS Office of Spatial Analysis and Visualization, hear about the latest updates, and share your ideas for new geospatial products and services.  We want to understand how our geospatial products may be able to assist you.
  • 2:30PM-4:30PM - Government Financial Transportation Statistics
    Interested in the money side of transportation?  Then join BTS for a discussion of our Government Transportation Financial Statistics (GTFS) series that is focused on transportation related revenues and expenditures in the United States.  In addition to revenues that are generated by transportation activities, such as the federal gas tax, GTFS includes revenues that support transportation, such as dedicated revenue streams and related appropriations.  GTFS breaks out revenues and expenditures by mode as well as level of government. Come meet our economists and tell us what is important to you.  Our listening session is motivated by delivering a product that meets your needs.  We want to know about current and potential uses of the data, what aspects of GTFS, if any, should be expanded, and which, if any, are not worthwhile, as well as your preferences related to frequency, timeliness, and presentation.|

►Wednesday Jan 10

  • 1:30PM-2:30PM - Freight Data Dictionary

  • 3:00PM-5:00PM - Restoring the Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey (VIUS)

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